Capabilities The Next Generation of Feed Production. Capabilities The Next Generation of Feed Production.



Nextrusion will produce a full line of extruded feeds to fit the needs of our most discerning customers. These range from dust-free Atlantic salmon and shrimp feeds for use in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) to salmonella-free poultry starter diets to guaranteed medication-free equine diets – and most everything in between. 

Let us be your full line extrusion feed manufacturing partner.


Food safety has never been more important or the stakes as high. The Nextrusion plant will be a medication-free facility. Nextrusion uses sophisticated processing equipment to ensure the proper combination of temperature and retention time to effectively eliminate salmonella.


Your choice of a partner can significantly impact feed performance and the true cost of production. Nextrusion utilizes state-of-the-art, precision, energy-efficient processing equipment from a global leader. For example, our specialized coating equipment and processing techniques allow for high-fat diets, ensuring maximum energy intake and nutrient delivery. We also have the capability to post-batch grind all ingredients. These capabilities, among others, result in maximum diet uniformity and the highest pellet quality, nutrient absorption and FCR (Feed Conversion Ratio). When the true cost of performance is calculated, Nextrusion feeds provide our customers with an exceptional return on their feed investment.

Extruded Equine Feed


Full NIR (Near Infared) capability assures that every load of incoming ingredients are inspected and the nutrient profile fully documented. Ingredient integrity is guaranteed. Nextrusion will also deploy a fully integrated traceability system utilizing the latest software to keep records of everything from ingredient arrivals to the tracking details of where every delivery is sent. Should it become necessary, the full traceability history of these items can be quickly retrieved.


Nextrusion is privately owned and flexible. We know that sometimes your diets require some tailoring. We can work with you. Nextrusion also offers long term feed contracting options and other hedging solutions to mitigate your ingredient risk and help your business prosper.